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The aim of this policy is to outline the process for the selection of league teams and election of captains. It should be read in conjunction with our New Members Policy.

The league teams which currently need to be selected are as follows:

Peterborough Midweek League – A, B, C and D teams;

Spalding EBA League;

Peterborough Weekend League;

Club 60 – A, B and C teams.

At the end of each season all current members will be contacted to ascertain their intentions for the following year, as to whether they will be rejoining the club and wish to be considered for league teams.  Nominations will also be taken for captains and vice-captains for each team, having first sought their agreement to stand.  This information will be requested from members by the end of September.  Players will also be able to indicate whether they wish to take part in the club’s friendly matches, which take place on Wednesdays and are not regulated by this policy.  New members joining before the start of the next season need to be guided initially by the New Members Policy.  But it should be noted that, whilst competitive bowls may in time be accessed by any member, selection for any squad is not automatic. At the same time, however, any member who shows a commitment to practise and improve is entitled to transparency and fairness in our selection process.

At the Annual General Meeting, to be held in December, captains and vice-captains for the nine teams listed above will be elected by a secret ballot of each of the previous year’s squads in turn.  After the AGM and prior to the Pre-Season Meeting, the two officers from each of the four Midweek League Teams and the three Club 60 teams will meet as a group to select up to a maximum of 15 players for each squad.  If any of the elected officers are new to these positions, they should consider consulting with officers from the previous season.  When finalising a squad it is important that proper consideration is given to players and not merely to adopt a previous squad en-bloc.  The above grouping number will enable the captain and vice-captain of each team to organise playing/selection arrangements in a manner best suited to their squad e.g. players could be arranged in groups of four or five (depending on the  number in the squad), allowing 3 to play in each game on a rota basis.  If this method is used, the officers may want to reconsider the groupings part-way through the season.  Members of a squad could likewise be selected for the next match purely on the basis of form, but it would then be important for players to be kept fully informed.  

Players who indicated a wish to play league bowls, but not initially selected for a squad, would need to be kept under consideration and included where the need required it and should they wish, e.g. if  any squad became permanently or temporarily depleted.  In the meantime, such players would have opportunities to play competitively in friendly matches, drives and club competitions.  Should there be sufficient interest and numbers, It would also be possible to organise an in-club weekly competition for them.

A captain and vice-captain shall also be elected for the Weekend and EBA teams, with a squad of between 15 and 18 players to be selected by the officers, based on a similar aim of utilising players regularly.

For external cup competitions, a Captain and Vice Captain will be appointed by the Committee

The timing of the election of team officers and the selection of playing squads will enable the club secretary to have the requisite information to pass to the leagues in good time for registration.


1. This policy is designed to give guidance on the approach to the integration of new members into the Club. It is key to remember that the Club is traditionally a combination of a Bowls Club and a Social club. Whilst the aspirations of every individual member may not be achieved the overall objective is to maintain a cohesive and pleasant social environment within the club.

2. Where a new member has previous bowling experience they will be invited to join League teams. The actual team to which the member is allocated will be commensurate with their ability as assessed by the relevant Team captains. This would not normally be the ‘A’ team in the first year of membership, but in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the Club Committee this convention may be overruled.

3. Where new members are joining without previous bowling experience it is recommended that they do not take part in league teams in their first season of membership. Instead they should be encouraged to build their experience by the following

a. Taking part in Club Night Bowling roll-ups

b. Entering the Sunday Drives

c. Taking the opportunity to have practice roll-ups when rinks are available

d. Gaining team experience by playing in the Friendly matches arranged most weeks.

It is the responsibility of the club to support and encourage these new members. This can be achieved by ensuring that attendance and support is available for Club Nights. Where and when practical the club should have a senior member nominated as ‘Mentor to New Members’ to co-ordinate events and help these members integrate into the club

Club Policies

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy Statement



The DEEPINGS BOWLING ASSOCIATION fully accepts its legal and moral obligation to exercise its duty of care and to protect all children and vulnerable adults participating in its activities, and to safeguard their welfare.

We are committed to do this by acknowledging that:

  1. the welfare of the individual is paramount;
  1. each individual irrespective of age, gender, religion, race or disability has the right to protection from abuse;
  1. each individual has a right to be safe, and to be treated with respect and dignity.

We shall use our best endeavours to ensure that:

  1. all allegations of abuse are taken seriously;
  1. the response to them is swift and appropriate;
  2. the effectiveness of our policy is reviewed annually;
  1. a responsible person shall be appointed annually as Child Protection Officer to whom members can address any concerns.

Our Child and Vulnerable Person Protection Officer is:

Mr Neil Handley

Tel no: 01778 560103